3rd year lessons UNIT 05 PART 07

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م14 3rd year lessons UNIT 05 PART 07

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(B) The job market is changing rapidly as a result of
technological advance. That is the reason why/so/consequently/as a
consequence (D)the idea of continuing or lifelong education has
become more important than ever before. This idea is more or less
accepted all over the world because (E) people are afraid of losing
their jobs if they don’t keep upgrading and updating their occupational
skills. If, (C) today many people go back to school to broaden their
knowledge and learn something they enjoy doing, (F) in the future, all
of them will return to school mostly for occupational reasons.
Writing development (pp.101-102)
Examinations have an important role to play in any system of
education. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine a school which does not
set exams for students to measure their progress and to evaluate their
qualifications. However, if exams are necessary, they sometimes put
students under pressure and can cause stress-related conditions.
One major factor/consequence of stress …
Project outcome (p.103)
Assessment (p.104)
See model in unit 1.
Time for… (p.105)
Introduce the theme of the unit through questions and answers
around the pictures. Then refer the students to the project outcome on
Language outcomes (p.107)
Let students skim through the language outcomes preview in order to
be aware of the objectives of this section.
Getting started (p.107)
The are many possible answers.
Let’s hear it (p.108)
Task one (p.108)
There are many possible answers to the questions. Students don’t
have to agree on a particular answer.
Task two (p.108)
The interview is about the types of food consumers prefer
buying. According to the market researcher, the preference goes to
organic foods for two main reasons. First, they think they are safer to
eat than both GMFS and conventonial food. Second, GMFs have
received bad publicity. For the market researcher, the issue of whether
or not GMFS are safe to man’s health and the environment has not
been settled. So the debate about GMFs is likely to continue in the
Around the text (pp.108-110)
Grammar explorer I (p.108)
Degrees of certainty Positive statement Negative statement
Categorical certainty GMS will certainly
Possibility They may disappear.
They can have a
They may not
Remote possibility They might have
harmful effects The
debate could continue.
They might not have
harmful effects
Task (p.109)
Remote possibilty:In the near future, advertisements for fast foods
might be banned and health warnings might be written on the
packages of processed food.
Possibility: The Algerian government may impose an eco-tax on
polluting industries next year. = It is possible that the Algerian
government will impose an eco-tax on polluting industries next year.
Flavourings and colourings may cause irritabilty and skin irritations .=
It is possible that flavourings and colourings will cause irritability and
skin irritations.
Probability: Most Algerian consumers will probably boycott
products which are not environmentally safe. = It is probable /likely
that most Algerian consumers will boycott products which are not
environmentally safe.
Certainty: Food safety will (certainly) be one of the major problems
in the next decade.
In the future people won’t eat as much processed food as they do now.
Grammar explorer II (p.109)
1.A 2.B and D 3. C
Task 1 (p.110)
The art of cooking requires the use of garlic. Of course, the eating
or consumption of garlic is generally not approved of. Working
beside someone who has eaten garlic is as bad as sitting beside
someone who smokes. But while smoking is definitely bad for you,
there is no doubt that eating garlic is good for your health and your
high blood pressure. We are likely to see more ‘No smoking’ signs,
but we won’t see an ‘No breathing’ signs for garlic eaters.
Cultivating and exporting garlic has become big business now that
so many people use it for flavouring meat and for making medicine
that reduces cholesterol. People often buy it when they do their
shopping. Being a garlic eater is something to be proud of and shows
that you enjoy healthy living.
Vocabulary explorer (pp.110-111)
Consume: consumer, consumption, consuming
Advertise: advertising, advertisement
Produce: producer, production
Promote: promoter, promotion, promoting
Compete: competitor, competition
React: reaction
Oppose: opposition
Introduce: introduction
Reject: rejection
Treat: treatment
Manage: manager, management
Farm: farmer, farming
Pay: payment
Commercialize: commercialization
Task 2 (p.110)
1.consumers 2. consumption 3. production
4. advertisements 5. advertising 6. rejection 7.reaction
Task 3 (p.111)
1. with 2. from 3. from 4. about 5. to 6. for 7. from 8. of
Pronunciation and spelling (p.111)
Task 1 (p.111)
Advertise (v) AdVERtisement (n)
ASSOciate (v) AssoCIAtion (n)
COmmerce (v) CoMMERcial (n)
REgulate (v) ReguLAtion (n)
PUblicize (v) pubLIcity ( n )
Task 2 (p.111)
Make sure the students are aware of the stress shift patterns.
Task 3 (111)
Use weak forms of the past modals in bold.
Think, pair, share (p.112)
We may live a totally different life in the next few decades
because modernity has brought with it a new life style. Nowadays
people take less time to eat, go to fast food shops to gulp hamburgers,
hot dogs and chips. In the future, we might have conventional food
being replaced by food substitutes like pills, or we might get our
nutrients out of crude oil; that would shorten meal times even further.
Conversely, many people are prepared to spend more time shopping in
supermarkets (and even on the Internet). A lot of them are now
becoming shopaholics, buying products that they don’t really need.
Their number will rise further in the near future.
This is partly because it is much easier to shop, especially as
more and more supermarkets are equipped with fast serving cash
desks which prevent long queues. In the future, shop assistants may
be replaced by robots which could actually do the same job as them,
with greater efficiency and in less time. That of course would
probably have side effects like an increase in unemployment.
Leisure will also change, because of the development of all sorts
of electronic devices, like the multimedia, cable television and other
contrivances. People will be less tempted to go out for a film, a play or
a concert. They’ll pay even less visits to each other because the cell
phone is such a convenient way to keep in touch. And what to say
about the Internet through which people can instantly chat with and
watch each other via the web cam! Alternatively, we’ll have more free
time to enjoy holidays at lower prices in distant places. But is this life
of the future the kind of life people would like to have? Couldn’t
modernity preserve social relations and be a means to an end rather
than an end in itself?
READ AND CONSIDER (pp. 113- 120)
Language outcomes (p.113)
Let the students preview the objectives of the section in the language
outcomes reminder.
Getting started (p.113)
Students are free to answer the way they like provided they justify
their answers. They don’t have to agree.
Taking a closer look (p.113)
Task 1 (p.113)
A.T B.T C. T D.T E. F
Task 2 (p.113)
Students are free to express their different opinions as long as they
justify them.
Task 3 (p.113)
Before setting the students to task, refer them to the Coping box on
page 68.
Line 2: They = people - Line 3: they= people - Line 4: they =
people - Line 5: this = when we eat enough food for the exercise we
take - Line 7: they= people - Line 9: their = people - Line 10: them =
fatty and sugary foods - Line 12: their = a large number of people -
Line 12: those people - Line17: this (study)= a recent study - Line
18: their = parents - Line 19: they= children - Line 26: ones= slim
people - Line 27: their= obese people - Line: 33, which=loss of
energy - Line 36, they=governments
Around the text (pp.115-118)
Grammar explorer I (p.115)
The text belongs to expository prose. It raises an issue a problem and
suggests a solution to it. The author uses the present simple because
s/he presents facts which are regarded as true at all times.
Grammar explorer II (pp.115-116)
A. supposition/hypothesis/condition If indicates that the author is just
making a supposition.
B. Result/prediction
C. The main clauses are: They won’t get enough energy./ They will
put on weight. The subordinate clauses are the clauses which start
with if.
D. The main clauses can stand alone whereas the subordinate ones
depend on the main clauses for their meaning.
Task (p.116)
If you eat rotten food, you will have a serious indigestion. If you have
a serious indigestion, you will go and see a doctor. If you go and see a
doctor, he will hospitalize you for two to three weeks. If he
hospitalizes you, you will lose your job. If you lose your job, you
won’t earn enough money to buy good food. If you don’t have enough
money to buy good food, you will eat rotten food.
Grammar explorer II (p.116)
Task 1 (p.116)
A. Sufficient/appropriate= enough
B. 1. If they eat too little food or the wrong kind of food, they won’t
have enough energy.
2. If they eat too much food, they will put on weight.
3. If people eat too many products which contain a large amount of
fat and sugar …, and too few products which provide them with
enough quantities of fibre it is because of the many advertisements to
which they are exposed.
4. A recent study shows that a large number of people who cannot
manage to keep their energy balance are those who spend too much
time in front of their T.V.sets.
C. much, many, a lot of, little no –at all …
D.See Grammar reference on pp.216-217.
Task 2 (p.117)
A. too much B. too much C. too few D. too much E. too many
F. too little G. too much H. too few I. too few
Grammar explorer III (p.117)
A. Have the students pick up the sentences. The link words express
cause and effect
B. and See Grammar Reference pp.226-227.
Task 1 (p.117)
A. because B. because of, owing to, due to C. because, since
Task 2 (117)
There are many possible answers.
Vocabulary explorer (p.117)
Task 1 (p.118)
A.Salty, peppery, savoury, tasty tricky, greedy
B. easy, speedy, dirty, dusty, stuffy, slimy
Task 2 (p.118)
Life is becoming increasingly expensive. So when shoppers/ buyers
do their shopping they are more likely to look at the price tags of the
products than at anything else. Saving even a little money by buying
poor quality goods helps people with a low budget to pay utility bills
and the rent at the end of the month. These savings also help to
purchase mobile phones for the loved ones
Pronunciation and spelling (p.119)
Task 1 (p.119)
Going supermarket need anything
Get , flour, oil, oranges, packets, biscuits, please
Need , flour , oil, bottles, juice
No, said, packets biscuits
Oh see
Task 2 (p.119)
Need please bottles biscuits Oh
Think, pair, share (pp.119-120)
Food safety has become one of the major worries for mankind.
This worry has three major sources: the chemical contamination of
agricultural products, the use of additives, preservatives and
colourings in a large number of food products and the consumption
of ready-made food.
Perhaps the first cause for worry about food safety is the highly
intensive mode of farming and agribusiness now prevailing in
industrialised countries. This has led big companies to use chemicals,
fertilisers and pesticides to ensure maximum output. As a result, fruits
and vegetables are contaminated by chemicals which may prove
harmful to our health.
The second cause for concern is again related to mass
production, and the need to keep products fresh and attractive.
Consumer requirements have led manufacturers to introduce
colourings, additives and preservatives. Some of them have been
suspected of being dangerous while others have definitely been
classified as harmful by independent research laboratories. Scientists
maintain that some colourings and sugar substitutes can cause cancer,
diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
Finally, fast food and ready-made meals have led people to take
undesirable eating habits, like nibbling at work or at home, or having
frequent snacks in front of the computer or the TV set. More worrying
is the fact that the younger generation are the most prone to consume
fast food and soft drinks. These eating habits, as shown in “advanced”
countries especially, have caused a large part of the population to
become overweight or obese, and to develop diseases like diabetes or
high blood pressure. These are due to an excess consumption of
animal fat and fried food, as well as sugar and salt.
In conclusion, the conjunction of contaminated agricultural
products, processed foods and poor eating habits is indeed a good
reason to worry about food safety and to take corrective measures to
change or improve our attitudes to eating.
TAKE A BREAK (p.121)
Let the students describe the picture. Then elicit the humour in it.
Proverbs and sayings (p.121)
It’s no use crying over spilt milk. = It was a great pity that it
happened, but there’s nothing we can do about it now. Don’t regret.
Look to the future.
Equivalent proverb: What’s done cannot be undone.
Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs. = Don’t offer advice to
those who are more experienced than you are. The saying is often
used in the form of a retort. E.g. ‘Be careful how you use that chisel.
It’s very sharp and may slip.’
‘You go and teach your grandmother

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