..First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM

..First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM

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 ..First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM Empty ..First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM

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Level: 3AM
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Zaki Mahmoud is an Egyptian young boy. He is 14. He studies in middle school, year 3.  He is quite tall for his age. He is 1.70 m. He is a tall slim boy with short dark hair and dark eyes. Zaki is generally calm but not timid. He likes meeting people and discussing with them.
Zaki likes sport very much and he is very fond of basketball. He wants to join a local basketball club but he must write an application letter.
Zaki lives in a small town in the north of Egypt with his parents and his two sisters.
Part One (14 pts)
Section One: Reading Comprehension. (7pts)
A/Read the text and write ‘True’, ‘False’ or ‘Not mentioned’. (3pts)

  1. Zaki goes to middle school.
  2. Zaki was born in January.
  3. Zaki has got one sister and one brother.

B/ Read the text and answer the following questions. (2pts)
1.     Does Zaki like talking to people?
2.    Is he interested in sport?
C/ 1.Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following: (1pt)
thin =                             quiet =
2. Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following: (1pt)
easygoing ≠                              big ≠ 
Section Two: Mastery of Language. (7pts)
A/ Order the following words to get coherent sentences. (2pts)

  1. am / in / chess / I / . / interested / playing /
  2. of / you / ? / volleyball / Are / fond /

B/ Fill in the gaps with: in – on - at. (3pts)
Zaki started practising basketball ……… September. He practices ……… Monday and Wednesday. He starts after school and finishes ……… 6.30 pm.
C/Classify these words according to their vowel sound. (2pts)
slim – meeting – lives – people
/i:/ see
/I/ his
Section Three: Written Expression. (6pts)
Zaki wants to join a local basketball club. Help him to write an application letter.

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