n2..... First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM

n2..... First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM

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n2.....  First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM Empty n2..... First Term English Test ..Level: 03 AM

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Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
Ministry of Education
Level: 03 AM First Term English Test
Text:                                             Thinking about the Future
               Hassan is seventeen years old. He is thinking about his future. He wants to be a journalist. He will be happy to spend four years at the university. There, he will learn how to report the events from all over the world in his own articles. What an exciting job! One day he will be in Europe, another day in Africa or America perhaps. He will visit a lot of countries and meet lots of interesting people. He often tells his friends about his plans.
              Hassan's friend, Brahim, wants to be a teacher in a secondary school. This is a very good job, too. He will go to a special school for teachers and study how to teach young people. He always dreams of this job because his father is a maths teacher. He wants to be like him. He won't visit many countries but he will be a famous teacher in his town.

PART ONE: ( 14 pts )
Section One: Reading Comprehension                                                                         ( 07 pts )
A )     Read the text carefully  and answer the following questions.                           ( 03 Pts )
     1- What does Hassan want to be ?
     2- Does he find this job exciting ?
     3- Why does Brahim want to be a teacher ?
B ) Are these statements true or false ? Correct the wrong ones.                               ( 02 pts )
      1- Brahim will visit many countries .
      2- Hassan will report events from different countries.
C ) Lexis :                                                                                                                         ( 02 pts )
   1- Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to :
             study = ……………..                               well-known = ………………….
   2- Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to :
             past ≠ ………………                                never ≠ ………………
Section Two: Mastery of Language                                                                               ( 07 Pts )
A ) Supply capital letters and punctuation where necessary.                                     ( 01 pts )
       at the university hassan will study journalism
B ) Complete the table below.                                                                                        ( 02 pts )
Adjective Comparative Superlative
The most exciting
C ) Classify these verbs according to the pronunciation of their final ( s )               ( 02 pts )
years – wants – teachers – likes –
/ s / / z /

D ) Ask questions on the underlined words.                                                                 ( 02 pts )
     a. Hassan wants to be a journalist .
     b. He will visit a lot of countries.

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PART TWO: Integration Phase (written expression)                                                 ( 06 Pts )
• What do you want to be in the future ?
• And why do you choose this job ?
- Write a composition between six (06) to ten (10) lines.
Finished Page :    2 / 2 GOOD  LUCK

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