Stallings scoring champion San Diego golf

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Stallings scoring champion San Diego golf

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Scott Stallings won the U.S. title San Diego golf one stroke ahead of nearest rivals after the end of the fourth and final round on Sunday .

Stallings and keep a cool head and hit 68 strike by four strokes under par in the final round to become the tally 279 total strike by nine strokes under par .

The U.S. was able to Gary Woodland , who was the top of the championship on Saturday, as well as Marc Leishman round run -off with Stallings batters before each access to the required number of strikes .

The Australian Leishman finished the tournament after a blow to hit a 71 share second place with compatriot Jason Day and South Korea's KT . J. Choi and Canadian Graham Delight and American Pat Perez .

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