DV 2014 green card lottery

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DV 2014 green card lottery

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DV 2014 green card lottery

DV-2014 is the next American visa lottery program (Green card
Lottery) that is going to accept online entries through the E-DV
application form in the year 2012 for the fiscal year 2014.
DV2014 application form will be available for 32 days in the
American Government's official web site. You to download this form for
free to fill and submit it back to the visa lottery program within the
given 60 minutes of time. Remember a person can submit only one
application form for this E-DV visa lottery program as a primary
This year American visa lottery program is going to provide 50,000
immigrant visas to eligible country people, who are lucky and have all
the education/work experience and meet all the other requirements to
immigrate to the USA. In the DV 2014 an eligible person can submit only
one entry for the 2014 green card lottery, although a husband and wife
each can submit one entry for their family if each of them meets the
education/work experience requirements of the DV2014 visa lottery
It is very strict for you to submit your online DV-2014 application
form within the submission period of 60 minutes once you have
downloaded the application form from the web site. If you had failed to
do so then this free to apply application form can not be saved and used
to submit in a later time.
KCC will select the winners and will allow the entire DV 2014
applicants to check their status from the month of May 2013 till June
Those selected winners will have to follow the official dv lottery
web site information and must send their duly filled forms to the KCC as
soon as possible.
Winners will be called for the interviews according to their case
numbers from 1st of October 2013 till 30th September 2014 or till the
visas exhaust.
Selected winners of DV-2014 whom are living in the USA can contact
the USCIS office to change their status to LPR, once their case numbers
are current in any given month.
If you are using someone else to apply for the current dv-2014 visa
lottery program, don't forget to get your confirmation number from them
after applying for the program.
DV2014 winners who have received their U.S immigrant visas under the
diversity visa program must use it to enter the USA before it expires.
(Normally the visas are valid for 6 months.)
DV 2014 American visa lottery application form will appear in Yellow
and black color on a white background in the web site. If you didn't see
the yellow color means that the dv-2014 visa lottery form hasn't loaded
properly in your computer, wait for another 2 to 3 minutes to get it
fully loaded. Or resend the request again by refreshing the page.
In the American DV Lottery program history a big thing had happened today on 14/05/2011.
Yes, the results that were checked from 01/05/2011 till 06/05/2011 are
made void as the State department said that a proper random name
selection was not done due to a computer programming error.
They are going to make a new random name selection and are going to announce the result by 15/07/2011.
So it is good news for those who had found that they are not selected
for the program in the May first week have to check their results once
And it is a bad news for those who had checked and found out that
they are selected winners for the visa lottery program. Now their
results are void and they too have to check the selection result once
again from 15/05/2011.
Do you want to apply for the visa lottery program?
Then you must have to read the diversity visa lottery instructions for
the fiscal year program which you are going to apply. Must have the
necessary knowledge to make your own correct size and accepted quality
digital photo files or must have to make them from a professional
photographer. You must know those eligible dependants that you have to
include in your entry for the DV 2014.
Have you been selected as a winner?
Once you are selected as a winner, you must have good knowledge of case
numbers, immigrant visa fees, how to read the visa bulletin, must have
the contact information of the KCC, how to make yours and your
dependant's medical examinations, how to make your police clearance in
those countries where you were resident for the last 10 years and many
other necessary information for the normal American immigrant visa
application processing.
Who conducts this program?
American Government is conducting this program every year to maintain the diversity of its people.
Are all people are allowed to participate here?
No they allow only natives from eligible countries with required
education or work experience to participate in the annually held program
from all over the world. Natives mean birth country not the person's
nationality. If you don't have the eligibility requirements don't apply
for this program.
How many applications a person can submit?
A person is allowed to submit only one E-DV entry with his name as
primary applicant. If he applied more than one entry, then all the
entries will be removed from the system with out any notice to him. An
unmarried eligible person will get a visa while a married person may get
visas for his spouse and eligible children to enter the USA along with
him. In the USA they can change their status to LPR status by following
the instruction.
Why a year is included in the program name?
Each diversity visa lottery is named after the fiscal year which it is
designed for, for example DV-2014 is the name for the American
Visa Lottery program which is now accepting entries in this year 2012.
The U.S State Department had published the instructions in the PDF
format. The American Government web site is the one and only web site
that will be open to apply during the thirty days period this year. No
entries will be accepted after this period. Before you submit the entry
read the Instructions carefully as there may be small changes from the
previous years. The DV Lottery winner will not be given away with the
U.S.A immigrant visa but will be given a chance to apply for the
immigrant visa.
Is there any difference between winners living in the USA and other countries?
Those winners who are living in the USA can contact the USCIS office to
change their current status to LPR status when their case numbers are
current. People staying out side must attend visa interviews when they
are called for it.
How much is the visa fees? How to pay it?
Non refundable visa fee is US$ 330 or equivalent local currency and it
must be paid to the consular office only on the day of your interview.
All your dependants too must pay their visa fees.

DV 2013 visa lottery program.

DV 2013 program is the name for the official visa lottery program
that had already accepted entries for the fiscal year 2013 in the year
2011. In some countries this program is called as 2013 American Green
card lottery. The official web site did provided the online entry forms
from 4th of October 2011 and then it was closed on 5th of November 2011
after 32 days of accepting period. DV 2013 Results are now available in
the official website. Those who had been selected for the DV 2013 visa
lottery program being called for the interviews from 01st of October
2012 according to their case numbers. The diversity visa lottery winners
interview can be continued till 30th September 23013.

DV 2012 American visa lottery program.

DV 2012 Applicants who were selected for the program were notified
through the American Governments official web site when they allowed to
check their status online from July 2011. Nearly 100,000 winners were
selected by the computer random draw from the registered entries.
Winners are now being called for the interviews from 1st of October 2011
according to the case numbers. The DV-2012 visa lottery program was
closed officially on 30th September 2012. No winners will be allowed to
process their winning of DV-2012 after this date. Try the next coming
American visa lottery.
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